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"What to do Now?"

It is not at all logical to simply accept a belief system because it was passed down to you by your parents. After all, what if it is not correct? A system for belief should be based upon sound principles of reasoning and understanding, rather than feelings and emotions.

As regards the Muslims treatment of Jesus, peace be upon him, it should be kept in mind that, although they do not hold him to be the 'son of god' in Christianity, he is definitely held in high esteem as great prophet, 'Miraculous birth" and also believe in the same unseen God that he referred to as "Your Lord and my Lord, your God and my God."

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There are a number of books which are easily accessible written by experts and scholars on the Bible which are very enlightening on this subject:

"Who Wrote the Bible" - Richard Elliott Friedman [excerpts]
"Who Wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls?" - Norman Golb
"The Book of 'J'" - Harold Bloom & David Rosenberg
"The Text of the New Testament - Its Transmission, Corruption, & Restoration" - Bruce M. Metzger

Islam is truly and simply a complete way of life and set of rules taught by all the prophets to mankind, similar to Biblical teachings that were revealed to humankind after Jesus through the last and final prophet Muhammad.
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